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Programmable Automation Controller

General Specifications:
- PAC Control System , signal processors, displays and a wide range of input / output and integrated industrial network

- Powerfull SOC processor with capability of parallel processing up to 10 process and 200 MHz


-7-inch full color touch screen

- Ability to draw and keep Graph

operating system :

- Real-time control with Tick, 0.1ms

- application loading based on requirement

- Ability to control up to 16 axis motion control (motion control)

- Ability to control up to 6,500 nodes

- FAT via SD slot and USB

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safety & security

- 16 direct input sensor types

- four sensor input zones in the form of direct or 128 zones in the form of tree

- Up to 180 addressable sensor input

- The definitive diagnosis of each sensor

- 16 direct output alarms

- Ability to define alarms by zone and type siren cut

- ability to use temperature sensors for each sensors to detecting negative alarms

safety & security

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Analog IO Expansion

Analog IO Expansion

Analog IO Expansion

Digital IO Expansion - 48

- approprate price

- Functionality of -10 ~ 70°C

- Ability to connect multiple devices using cable LBus

- Relay output of the current of one ampere

- Isolated input current of 20 mA sides performance

- LBus port isolation with a switching time of less than 5 milliseconds

-wide range of AC & DC converters and capacitance & inductance converters

- Input types for 4~20 mA output

- analog isolation models with up to 10 Kv per each channel

- samples with 30 bits of resolution

- Filtration system and internal calibration

- very small board size

- The price is right

- low power consumption

- Waterproof box

- steel waterproof connectors

IO Expansion

Analog IO Expansion

Digital IO Expansion - 24

Analog IO Expansion

Pi Pico Board

Monitoring & Simple Control

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- Viewer can connect to network with industry

- Reasonable prices and very low consumption

-Three 4-digit seven segment display

- Real-time control with Tick10ms

- LBus or MBus output with isolation

- A wide range of input / output current dual-port or four-channel analog or digital voltage

- up to 8 inputl/output channels

- Control systems, industrial networks to be seamlessly

- Equipped with a powerful processor

- 2.8-inch full-color touch screen

- Ability to draw and keep Graph

- Real-time control with Tick, 10ms

- Ability to control up to 4 axes motion control

- Ability to control up to 1,500 nodes

- Ethernet port for Full Duplex

- LBus or MBus output with isolation

- A wide range of input / output, analog or digital

- Input and 8 digital output channels

Mini Display


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Fiber optic Ring Switch



- Design and construction for industrial applications,

- Delay of less than 7 microseconds for Din rail

- Ability to connect three separate power supply

- Fiber Optic ring Supporting up to 30 Km distances

- Network support different protocols at Layer 2 network

- Support Single Mode Fiber

- Design and construction for industrial applications

- Less than 1 micro-second delay for Din rail

- Ability to connect three separate power supply

-Supporting ring Fiber Optic for distances up to 100 km

- Full support for Layer 3 switching protocols

- Redundant Ring with capability of system connection time

- Support Single Mode Fiber

- Internal 4G simcard connectivity

Compact Streaming & Audio Processing

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- Stereo audio system and web page

- Integration with phone systems

- with 300W-3KW RMS amplifier in modular form

- ability to page and simultaneously music in background

- Supports SIP Protocol

- With Equalizer and audio processing via network

- Has a color LCD interface for Touch

- performance in -10 to 70 ˚C

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Communication mast

- Constructed based on GPR technology and full protection against corrosive for up to ten years (Moisture, dust, crrosive enviroment, radiation and UV)

 - Input and output data through SM optical fiber signal input or via Wi-Fi

- equipped with local controller to declare humidity, temperature and other needed parameteres

- Equipped with 6 full view of 200 degrees in 360 degree antennas for Wi-Fi connectivity and supports roaming signal, programmable

- Equipped with night vision cameras with 360-degree viewing angle

- With local paging systems and automatic notification

- ability to installing local emergency switches , flame and gas detectors,internal saving of CCTV images in situation of main network disconnection, central embedded LEDs , warning music Alarm in situation of power failure, single phase power supply and internal UPS up to 2 Hours if is needed.

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- Use of components and final control products and services for industrial use

- Using redundant cabling and ready to service for passive systems

- Real-time systems and watchdog for active service

- protecting devices via protection systems deal with overload, overvoltage and temperatural protection

- Reduce the ultimate price by removing coaxial cable and exponentially expand affordable price

- reduced system sleep time due to use of redundant routs

- Reduce the ultimate price while maintaining redundancy by integrating various services

- Reduced maintenance costs due to the design, implementation and maintenance by the manufacturer directly

- Access to various services at any place systematically

-implementing intended services with a minimum change via an approprate platform

- Reduce the complexity of use and maintenance by reducing the diversity of the various components in the system

- Increased efficiency through convenient access to anywhere with a powerful platform implemented

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Voice, Paging & user control

- No need to buy licensefor expanding telephone lines

- Ability to Connect Mobile

- Mailbox (answering machine managed)

- Laminated answering machine (IVR)

- Implementation of administrative procedures and user management

- Ability to make video calls

- Real-Time Reporting System under the SQL database to list and Call Number

- Programmable autoresponser systems

- Support Iran Telecommunication E1 lines

- simultaneous supporting of IP lines and internal analog lines

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Network (Core, Distribution & Access)

- Support for 802.11ac standards and 802.11N Technology 3x3MIMO

- adjustable channel and signal depended on requirements for electromagnet controlloing

- Management system (Server Base) with support for up to 1024 nodes (full range)

- supporting for various indoor and outdoor environments

- Ability to operate at a temperature of -10 to +70 ° C

- Resistant to moisture and rain

- Various types of ceiling, room (wall mounting) and massive environments with 360-degree view through sector antennas

- No need for separate electrical wiring to support POE

- Power transmission up to 1300Mbps

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Core Center (Servers,Database & Storages)

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Control Center, Software & Integration

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Enterprise Linux Server

- High speed memory (500Mbps, 120000 IOPS) and high capacity (100TB)

- Support for up to 256GB of ECC Ram

- Supports up to 48Core CPU per server

- Supports up to eight 10Gb Ethernet cards

- Storage Cache protection in case of power failure until one week

- Redundant power supply and interchangeable for Hot swap

- Take advantage of virtual servers, which greatly reduces maintenance time

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Integrated system construction

- implementation through service and secured through firewall
- Run by excitable Service (manual trigger) and automatic tick one millisecond and connection control system

- Optimized to take advantage of powerful processors and SMP features of Multi Core CPU to 256CPU Cores

- More than 20 different types of databases including Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, Dbase, ODBC, Mango DB, ...

- Harvest information from the local database and spreadsheets such as Excel and systems FoxPro, files with more than 40 different file formats

- Ability to convert different formats of numerical data, textual and different code page, transit through the Script scripting programming, determine the procedure (Rule various), defining the various processes during transport and before or after the operation

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Integration All

- Definition, management and structure the project as a tree

- Access via mobile, tablet and notebook and software for network

- Define different levels of access

- Draw gantt flowchart automatially based on pre- defined procedure

- integrated mangement of organizational events, documents and files

- status announcement via E-mail

- wiki knowledge management system

- Defining various fields based on the need for the project, Task, cases and different systems

- Structured products and linking it with projects

- internal and external support desk for internal and external support tracking of each system

- management system of operations cheklist

- The possibility of different reports according to the database server under Linux

Project Management

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